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Many people
, at some stage in their lives will encounter difficulties which they find overwhelming. Being upset, confused and unhappy can lead to anxiety, affecting your mood, relationships, performance at work and potentially your health.

While family and friends are very supportive and well intentioned, there are occasions when it helps to explore issues with someone who is outside that circle, someone who is a trained therapist, with the experience to offer real practical help and advice where real results can be achieved and confidentiality is assured.

Many issues are best dealt with a trained professional on a one-to-one consultation in a safe, non-judgmental environment. The problems we confront, in our day to day lives, are, unfortunately shared by many but thankfully we now recognise these problems as real issues in our society. Wexford Counselling is a resource for those who are in need of practical guidance and support in an ever changing and challenging society.

Wexford Counselling offers counselling for

individuals, couples, adolescents and children.




Wexford Counselling

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